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Quick Tutorial

3 minutes


This is the quick setup tutorial that will get you ready to use Budget Monster immediately.  To see the full tutorial, click HERE.

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Okay, to get started with Budget Monster, you must first send “Start” to 855-735-SIMP(7467).

Once you send “Start” you can either send your five digit verification code or the word, “FREE” to start your two-week free trial.

Now you are ready to setup Budget Monster!

First, you will need to “set” the envelopes you will be using.  In this example, we will only be using the Food and Gas envelopes.  After we figured out our budget, we determined that we will put $450 in the Food envelope and $250 in the Gas envelope.

Set your Food Envelope by sending:

Set F 450

Next, we will set our Gas envelope by sending:

Set G 250

Once we have “Set” our envelopes, we need to fill them by sending:


You only need to “Set” your envelopes once.  By using the Payday command, you can refill your envelopes to your preset amounts with one command.  If something happens where your budget changes, you can use the “Set” command again.

But in the meantime, send “Payday” every time you want to refill your envelopes (i.e. on payday!).


Now that the envelopes are filled, Budget Monster is ready to start tracking your spending.  Let’s say you went to the grocery store and spent $12.34 on food.

You would text this to Budget Monster: F 12.34

Remember, you only need the first letter of the envelope and you do not need a dollar sign.

Now, let’s say we stopped at the gas station on the way home and spent $34.56 on gas.

Simply text: G 34.56

Linking Phones

Budget Monster makes it easy for couples to track their spending together.  When phones are linked and one person spends from an envelope, both phones receive a response with the new balance.  That keeps both of you on the same page with your envelope spending!

To initiate a link with another phone, only one of you needs a paid account (or you can both try the 2-week free trial and link).

To get the link process started, the phone with the account must text: Link

Budget Monster will respond with a 4 digit verification code for the other phone to send.  But before the other phone sends that code, they must already have an account.  Skip the next two pictures if the other phone already has an account.  Otherwise, keep reading.

The second phone must send Start

After the second phone sends Start, the other phone must get added to the database by sending Free.

Now, to finish the link the second phone must send the four digit code that the first phone received earlier when they sent “Link.”

Both phones are now linked!

Other Commands:

Budget Monster has a basic artificial intelligence engine that can hold basic conversations.  She loves talking to humans, but beware- she has a quirky sense of humor and has a smart aleck mouth!  Go ahead and ask her a question!

She will engage in conversation, but will only respond to direct commands.  Check out the full tutorial to see everything she can do.

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