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We All Send Text Messages

Why not use text messaging to keep track of our expenses? Budget Monster does just that.  Budget Monster uses the “tried and true” envelope budgeting method to help you stay within your budget.  But instead of carrying around wads of cash that might get lost or stolen, you can keep your money safe in your own checking account and let Budget Monster keep track of your envelope spending– virtually.

Track your spending with Budget Monster

Your envelope balances are kept within your phone’s texting application and they are always the last message in the conversation.  This makes it easy to see your balance without going to a website or syncing an app.  

 Do you want to share your envelopes with another family member?  

Budget Monster makes that easy, too.  

 With Budget Monster, you can link accounts with another phone and both of you manage your budget together! 

 Simple enough?

 Try it for 2 weeks free.  

No credit card, payment information or anything else required– no muss, no fuss.  

I pinky promise.

Then after your 2-week free trial, it is less than $3 a month

Just text “Start” to 855-735-SIMP (7467)

After you receive a welcome message, text: FREE

which starts your 2-week free trial — absolutely commitment free!

After your two week trial and you find that you

absolutely love

Budget Monster, feel free to Subscribe!


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Make your budget

Make A Budget

First, you need to make a zero-based budget. Write your total income on the top of a sheet of paper. Then, write down all of your expenses below it, to include what you plan on saving, and start subtracting.

Your job is to make that number at the bottom zero. The amount you spend on food, gas and various other categories go in an envelope that Budget Monster will keep track of.

Bulletproof Budget DIY

Set your envelopes

Set Up Your Envelopes

Setting your various envelope amounts is as easy as sending a text message.  Once you subscribe, you will receive a link to the tutorial which explains it all.

 You have seven envelopes you can use: alcohol, clothing, dining, entertainment, food, gas, and miscellaneous. You can use as many or as little envelopes as you’d like.

Set your envelopes!

On payday, fill your envelopes

On Payday, Fill Your Envelopes

When you get paid, fill your Budget Monster envelopes with one text message. Budget Monster will fill your envelopes and you will then be ready to start tracking your expenses!

Fill your envelopes with payday commanduse your food envelope It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Try it for 2 weeks free.  No muss, no fuss.  I pinky promise.

Just text “Start” to 855-735-SIMP (7467)

After you receive a welcome message, text: FREE

Get Budget Monster!

Full Tutorial

Quick Tutorial

Bulletproof Budget DIY

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