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Books I Love

Books I Love

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I cannot stress enough the importance of reading books.  In fact, if you look at interviews of the most successful people in the world, every single one of them says that one of their secrets is reading.

You should be reading at least a book a week, in my opinion.  That’s only 30-40 pages a day, which isn’t a lot.  As your love of reading grows, you can start burning through them a lot faster.  Check out my blog on how I read a book a day here.

If you want to better your plight in life, then pick up a book.  Don’t know where to start?  Here are my favorites from 2017 that I highly recommend.  You will not go wrong with any of these picks below.  I have included links to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing.  

Stay in the books!

Most Recent Reads I Highly Recommend

I find it easier to put my most recent reads in an advertisement.  I hope you do not mind.

Stir and Serve Mentorship


Leadership and Self Help






Overall Great Reads


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