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Chris is a reformed band nerd, born and raised in a small municipality in St. Louis County, Missouri, with a lifelong dream of flying airplanes.  He is now putting the finishing touches on a full military career having flown seven different Air Force aircraft.

Over the past few years, Chris has been working with people all over the country helping them get their lives back into order in all aspects.  He is self-described as a life consultant and coach whose main goal is to get his clients to the next level.  Whether it be somebody down on their luck or the CEO of a big company, Chris has a knack for finding the problem, presenting a creative solution and coaching his clients throughout the entire process.

Chris is happily married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer.  Together they have four children and live in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Chris is currently finding time to coach his clients, finish writing his first book, work full time and spend time with his wonderful family.

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