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Playing Hooky

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hooky | ˈho͝okē | (also hookey) | noun (in phrase play hooky) informalstay away from school or work without permission or explanation.

-Some Old Dictionary

*This post is breaking my first blog rule: Do not blog about yourself.  I apologize in advance for providing psychological insight into the inner workings of my ego, id, and super-ego.

School Years

All through school, I never played hooky.  Not because I was a good kid but because I was afraid of the wrath of my parents.  I would have gotten in BIG trouble if caught.  So the risk outweighed the reward of cutting school.  In college, I didn’t play hooky either.  I was one of the nerds that calculated the daily cost of each class (semester hour cost + books + fees ÷ number of class days = daily cost).  That daily cost was always high enough to motivate me to not play hooky.

First Job

After college and into my first big job, I did play hooky.  Once.  And I felt terrible about it (mostly because I got caught).  I was a middle school math teacher at the time.  I was also a drummer in a band.  And our band had a gig on a school day.  Well, the band needed me, so I called in sick.  All the older teachers told me that they did it all of the time, and it was no big deal and that nobody cares, etc.  Long story short, the principal actually saw me driving my Jeep Wrangler packed to the gills with drums and cymbals.  He said nothing to me.  Silence is sometimes the best discipline when you know you’ve been busted.

Air Force

In the Air Force, I’ve played hooky a couple times and don’t feel bad about it one bit.  At the time, I had an average of being gone 300 days out of the year, which was not good with a wife and two young kids at home.  So when I was not away flying missions and was expected to be in the office, I stayed at home a few times and had fun with the family instead.  Family first.

Where Am I Going With This?

Well, my enraptured reader, today I am playing hooky.  It is posting day and I am playing hooky from providing you with any useful advice, motivation, coaching or otherwise information actually worth reading.  And if you are still with me, I appreciate your loyalty.  At this point, those of you still with me probably feel like you are running uncontrollably down a hill.  You just can’t stop…  🙂

This weekend, I took an airplane from Oklahoma to Colorado and then to Texas for some flight training.  It’s hard to believe that I get paid to fly airplanes for a living…

So what do I have for you today?  Pictures and videos.  That’s it.  Someday I may share the story of my long and difficult journey into becoming an Air Force pilot and tie it into a “chase your dreams” kind of theme, but not today.  

Today, I am just along for the ride.  I am playing hooky.


  • Sunset in Colorado


Do you have a good hooky story to share?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!  

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