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Eight Things To Remember For Your February Budget

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It’s time to make your budget for February!  Make sure to include these commonly forgotten budgeting items:


1.  Super Bowl Party Food and Drinks

Whether you are having the party at your place or going over to someone else’s, chances are you will need to buy food and drinks.  Plan ahead and put it in your budget!

2.  Mardis Gras Food and Drinks

This one isn’t as common, but a lot of people do celebrate Maris Gras.  If you are having an office party, buying costumes, traveling to New Orleans or whatever, be prepared and budget appropriately. 

3. Fat Tuesday

A big hearty thank you goes out to @rachel2xremoved on Twitter for reminding me of this one.  If Fat Tuesday is your thing, then put it in the budget! 

3.  Valentines Day Gifts

Fellas- think of something nice to give your special lady and put it in your budget.  Ladies can’t get enough of a guy who loves to budget.  Errr, I think.  And ladies- we don’t require much.  Usually, a beer and a back scratch will suffice.    

4.  President’s Day Travel and/or Sales

There are a lot of great deals on appliances and clothes over President’s Day weekend.  It is a great time to get your Spring/Summer clothes or that new dishwasher to replace the old/loud one that drowns out the after-dinner reruns of Golden Girls.  

If you are heading out for the long weekend, put gas, food and lodging in your budget!

5.  Girl Scout Cookies!

Thin Mints and Tagalongs.  I actually keep an alert on my iPhone calendar to remind me every year.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Tax Prep Fees

Are you doing them yourself?  A lot of tax preparation companies let you file your federal return for free, provided it is a simple return.  However, if you have a more complex return then plan on paying money to get it done.  Plan on paying anywhere between $20 – $100, if you do your own taxes.  If you have somebody else do them for you, the price usually starts around $200 or so.  

Will you owe money this year?  Hopefully, you have been expecting it by setting your estimated taxes aside every month.  If not, get it in your budget now.  You have until the 15th of April to pay!    

If you are getting money back, please remember that this is not a “payday.”  This is simply money that the government takes from you over the course of a year to ensure you pay your taxes.  When the government takes too much from you, they give it back with zero interest (funny how if you owe them money, they charge you interest).  The smart thing to do is to adjust your withholdings to make your return as small as possible every year.  I am planning a post on taxes in the upcoming weeks so standby for more…


7.  Christmas Savings

How much did you spend on Christmas two months ago?  That’s a good starting point– take that number and divide by 12.  That’s how much you need to set aside every month to ensure Christmas gets paid in ca$h this year.  


There are 28 days in February.  Fangs out, my eager budgeters.  Get that budget done today!  


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